Thursday, June 10, 2010


Word of the Day?


You won't find the word in the dictionary - it hasn't caught on with the good folks at Merriam Webster yet. It's a word I use to describe that deliciously warm, tingling feeling you get when you read or write a really hot sex scene. You know the feeling I'm talking about...the one that makes everything below the belly button tighten up and your toes curl.

Yes, that feeling.

It needed it's own terminology. It really did.

I love that feeling. It lets me know I nailed it (no pun intended) when I finish writing a sex scene. If I wrap up a scene and my toes aren't curled like the Wicked Witch of the East's after Dorothy dropped the house on her, then it's definitely re-write time. It's sort of like a built-in alarm system that alerts me if my writing isn't quite on target.

That feeling is of incalculable value to a writer, which is why I felt it needed a name.


I may need to have it printed on a t-shirt.

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